Welcome to Duskfall!

Twilight is descending on the Imperial age. Political unrest blossoms as the aged Emperor grows more passive and disengaged from his duties. The strength of the Imperial Legion wanes as it battles external foes while struggling to maintain control internally. Rumors of an ancient foe returning spread from the bastions of learning and magic. The uneasy peace of the deities has fallen into endless skirmishing with the peace-seekers caught in the middle.

Our heroes are the newest recruits into the Legion assigned to help the besieged Slate Keep. The heroes make up Epsilon Squad, home of the rejects and those who don’t belong. As they make their way to Slate Keep, trouble befalls the column of soldiers and supplies to save Slate Keep.

Slate Keep is the central setting for the first part of the campaign. A castle turned town, Slate Keep is home to warring factions inside and prey for the necromancer and his army of undead outside. The heroes will meet several powerful individuals, all with their own goals and plans for Slate Keep. Players will have to prioritize the needs of the Keep while maintaining the uneasy peace within, or else all will fall to the enemy outside.