Spring 998 IE
State of Affairs

Spring arrives in the 998th year of the Imperial Era. The winter was a relief from the political turmoil and uprisings that plague the Empire. The Imperial Legion has wrapped up its first major recruitment and drafting to reinforce several positions throughout the Empire. The highest priority, Slate Keep moves ever close to falling to the necromancer and his undead army that have besieged it since the fall. A column of Legionnaires moves to rescue the Keep and restore Imperial authority to the region.

The column consists of the a battle hardened core of veterans supplemented by large numbers of recruits and draftees. Divided by skill and usefulness to the Legion, these new Legionnaires are assigned to squads, ranging from the highly effective Alpha Squad to the dysfunctional Epsilon Squad. As the column draws near Slate Keep, a new moon rises in the sky and the adventure begins!

Join our heroes as they start out as a under appreciated members of Epsilon Squad and prove their abilities and worth to the Empire! Or maybe just watch how dysfunctional they can really be…


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