The deities of Duskfall are a quarrelsome bunch, competing for worshipers and spheres of influence. Throughout the history of Duskfall, there have been numerous wars among the gods that rocked the world below. Thhe most notable and most recent, the War of Exile, led to a particular deity being sealed away for eternity.

Pantheon of Deities

Xephos – God of Entrepreneurs, Travel and Innovation, Patron of Humans

Honeydew – God of Mining, Metalwork and Gems, Patron of Dwarves but beloved by all

Lalna – God of Arts, Science and Creative thought, Patron of Gnomes

Lomadia – Goddess of Time, Organization and Flying Creatures(Owls) Patron of Elves

Sjin – God of Nature, Farming and Building Sjinto

Sips – God of Business, Trade and Wealth Patron of Halflings

Rythian – God of Magic, Patron of Outsiders Rythianity

Israphel – The Sealed God of Corruption, Chaos and Destruction


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