Slate Keep

General Info

A fortress town located on the border of the Empire, Slate Keep is under siege by a necromancer and his army of undead. Despite the numerous number of external problems, Slate Keep is struggling to keep its internal affairs in order. The Imperial presence wanes under decimated ranks and interference from revolutionaries. An ambitious priest grows in power and spreads the faith to the desperate denizens of the Keep through somewhat questionable means. The Keep is divided along class lines, with guards and wealthier citizens living above ground in relative peace. The majority of the Keep’s residents are disenfranchised farmers eking out a living in the below ground halls and storage areas.

The Over Keep

The above ground structure home to the surviving Legionnaires and the surviving nobility. Out of necessity and the deplorable conditions below ground, all of the able bodied farmers who have been pressed into guard duty live here. The vast majority of these guards still spend time in the Under Keep with their friends and families. The clerics also live in the Over Keep, though the zealous priest of Light has eliminated all competition except for the wily priest of Trade.

The Under Keep

The ancient storage halls and rooms that served to make Slate Keep impregnable at the height of Imperial power have transformed into the disease plagued hellish halls of Under Keep. Too many people packed into too small of a space have led to many issues, foremost the spread of disease but the inflammatory agenda of the revolutionaries promotes dissent among typically loyal farmers. Although an unpleasant place to be, the Under Keep is home to the thriving black market trade for everything from food to equipment. The hub of all this activity is the catacomb turned pub, the Dancing Skeleton and its bartender. Saul is a heavyset, jolly man behind the bar but quick with a knife in a fight and knows more about anything you need to know. Saul is well known as a revolutionary who likes to share his thoughts on Imperial failings of his special brew, better known as “don’t ask where it’s from or what’s in it”.

Slate Keep

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